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julho 2017

Primero jailbreak em um Apple Watch é demonstrado em conferência de hacking

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E o mundo foi, finalmente, apresentado ao primeiro jailbreak do Apple Watch. O desbloqueio do relógio inteligente da Apple foi o centro das atenções da apresentação do hacker Max Bazaliy durante a Def Com 25, a maior conferência de hacking do planeta. Usando um dispositivo rodando o watchOS 3, o jailbreaker conseguiu superar os bloqueios

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agosto 2016

DEF CON 24 @ Las Vegas

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Originally started in 1993, it was a meant to be a party for member of "Platinum Net", a Fido protocol based hacking network out of Canada. As the main U.S. hub I was helping the Platinum Net organizer (I forget his name) plan a closing party for all the member BBS systems and their users. He was going to shut down the network when his dad took a new job and had to move away. We talking about where we might hold it, when all of a sudden he left early and disappeared. I was just planning a party for a network that was shut down, except for my U.S. nodes. I decided what the hell, I'll invite the members of all the other networks my BBS (A Dark Tangent System) system was a part of including Cyber Crime International (CCI), Hit Net, Tired of Protection (ToP), and like 8 others I can't remember. Why not invite everyone on #hack? Good idea!

maio 2016